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Apply the design, implementation to build up a OpenStack cloud belongs to you, meet various demand of enterprise requirement. EasyStack services including finance, industry 4.0, telecommunications, new media, energy, education and other industries customers, on the premise of guarantee 100% open cloud platform, continuous innovation, continue to grow.Choose EasyStack, you have chosen a stable, open OpenStack solutions, professional team of enterprise gene, we will face the challenges of the market with you together!

Lenovo adopt ESCloud fully open cloud solution. With all-virtualised compute, storage, network resources and compute-storage converged infrastructure, Lenovo using less resources to support 20% IT business system and Moto Cloud, IT departments gradually change from cost center to innovation center.

Lenovo private cloud manager

Lenovo adopted ESCloud solution, promote "PC +" "Internet+ “ transformation, support big data, e-business, intelligent hardware, such as MotoCloud innovation business.Hybrid cloud connector joint public cloud business flexibility High density by the hyper converging of architecture and virtual machine high density design, realization cloud hosting costs less than public clouds. Multiple region data centers to run the business system and data center between the asynchronous data replication, ensure business and data security

ESCloud reduce cost and capital of the largest cloud environment as much as 60%, save 1/3 time of IT infrastructure management, reduce 80% of energy costs.

Tsinghua IIIS Associate Professor

Tsinghua university adopts ESCloud cloud computing solutions built the largest domestic colleges and universities of production-teaching-research combination OpenStack cloud environment.ESCloud a single cluster size of 6000 core, 16 TB of memory, 540 TB storage capacity for other departments to provide paid services in the cloud, big data analytic Hadoop/Spark/Docker/network intrusion detection, data center for teaching and scientific research of distributed system purchase cost reduced by 60%, IT management management time reduced by 33%, energy costs by 80%

TH-CLOUD based on ESCloud fully open source cloud computing solution, can handle high concurrent access when traffic surge. With redundant IaaS architecture, TH-CLOUD can provide 24*365 service.

TH-CLOUD Management Center

TH-Cloud is the first civil and military dual cloud computing platform. Using ESCloud solution can solve LvLiang, Taiyuan, Beijing, Yancheng multi-region supercomputer management platform. Support commercial Oracle RAC, GBase, Hadoop, Spark and other enterprise applications, platform support political cloud, inovate civil and military internet business.

EasyStack helps us achieved “One Cloud” manage multiple datacenter. Resource utilization increased from 15% to 50%; Not only improve business online speed, but also shorten online time less than a week, enhance the operation and maintenance efficiency

GreatWall Project Manager

With ESCloud fully OpenStack Solution, GreatWall realize compute, storage and network virtualization, Unify double Beijing IDC compute resource poll, database is using Power+Oracle RAC, monitor it with OpenStack.