What is a CaaS Cloud?

CaaS cloud is elastic dedicated hyper-hybrid cloud

CaaS cloud is not the traditional private cloud and dedicated hosted cloud combination, it has elasticity and isolation characteristics, is a super cloud focus on enterprise requirement

CaaS cloud is not only suitable for 4.0 including telecommunications, finance, scientific research, manufacturing, and large-scale group company customers, meet their performance, security, dedication, flexibility and low cost, at the same time can also be applied to IDC operators for its customers with CaaS super cloud services, as well as the emerging mobile Internet companies, etc.

CaaS cloud concept first proposed in 2015 by EasyStac, and first live demo of CaaS cloud based on EasyStack ESCaaS is in October 2015 OpenStack summit at Tokyo Summit. ESCaaS is fully based on OpenStack, adhering to the extreme openness, compatibility, reliability and high performance.

EasyStack CaaS cloud features


Compute, Storage, Network resources physically isolated, ESCaaS fundamentally solve public cloud security concern, dedicated network access solve your business affected by the whole platform security issues.

Fully Elastic

We provide fully virtual and physical resources elastic characteristics, you can apply for virtual resources and dedicated compute, storage and network resource, get fully elastic cloud resources


Unified CaaS control platform, you can get private, dedicated, public and hybrid cloud, can build up in enterprise own datacenter or IDC service provider datacenter.

Know CaaS Cloud