What is ESCaaS

ESCaaS combine enterprise-level private cloud secure and reliable with public cloud on-demand character, with unified platform, you can get dedicated, public and private cloud

Dedicated Cloud

ESCaaS provide physical isolated compute, storage and network resources, with ESCaaS you can build up dedicated cloud quickly to meet you requirement on performance, security, network bandwidth and compatibility.

Public Cloud

ESCaaS provide on-premise second-level virtual cloud resources, with unified platform, you can get cloud instance, volume and build up layer-two isolated virtual network

Private Cloud

ESCaaS will help you deploy and operate your OpenStack cloud remotely, you can get secure and reliable private cloud, at the same time, you can get flexible hybrid ESCaaS dedicated cloud and public cloud

ESCaaS DataCenter
Enterprise Internal

With ESCaaS hybrid cloud, you can have dedicated physical resources private cloud secure and high performance, at the same time, you can get shared resources public cloud flexibility and low prices operations cost.

Why Need ESCaaS

When your private cloud met outbreak of business caused expansion and flexible of infrastructure, with ESCaaS unified platform, you can get elastic compute, storage,

network dedicated cloud or virtual resources.When your public cloud need security and isolation, ESCaaS will help you get

dedicated cloud resources, without changing your business infrastructure, you can get physical isolation feature.ESCaaS will break the boundary of cloud, reshape enterprise cloud forms.

What ESCaaS Provide

Intelligent Discovery

As ESCaaS platform starting point, Roller can transform a datacenter to be a cloud computing service centre which can deploy and discovery automatically, it is a next generation datacenter operation system

Deployment in Seconds

Fully based on OpenStack, user can get multiple kinds of cloud in unified platform, we provide most scarce cloud as a service, to make cloud meet the need of your business mostly, build up your dedicated cloud in seconds

Totally Elastic

We provide a full virtual and physical elastic characteristics, you can at the same time get on demand virtual resources and physical isolated compute, storage and network dedicated resource, whether dedicated or public, your cloud resources is elastic and on demand

Secure and Isoation

Compute, storage and network physical resources fully isolated, ESCaaS solve public cloud resources secure issue, dedicated network access guarantee your business will not be affected by the whole platform secure issues.


Hybrid every kinds of cloud, meet the requirement of your business

Hybrid Public and Private Cloud

ESCaaS private cloud has VPNaaS feature, with a few clicks, you can connect your ES private to various kinds of public cloud

Hybrid Physical and Virtual resources

We provide virtual cloud and dedicated cloud two solutions, you can get instance and compute host, storage poll and physical resources at the same time.

Hybrid Multiple Platforms

ESCaaS platform compatible with multiple hypervisor kinds, including VMware, HyperV, KVM, Xen, meet your requirement on heterogeneous architecture