Support multiple virtualization, provide elastic compute resource in seconds, flexible and controllable

Multiple Hypervisor

Compatible with multiple virtualization technology, in addition to KVM and Xen, ESCloud support VMware, HyberV, PowerVM, enterprise virtualization technologies, protect your exist investments.

Secondly Resource

Create in seconds with no waiting, massive computing resources instantly ready; Backup in seconds, safe and flexible.

Live Migration

With high performance distributed storage system, you can live migrate your instance across physical servers, ensure instance business without interruption.


Image is a template which contains software instance needs, you can create you own image with ESCloud

Various OS
ESCloud provide various OS image, user can customize image meeting own special requirement
Elastic Disk Space
User can choose instance flavor, adjust instance disk space elastically
Flexible Image Permission
Image management based on permissions, user can control image scope of visibility


Compare to traditional physical server, ESCloud instance can add/remove NIC, adjust flavor, user can create/backup instance in seconds.

VNC Console

With VNC, instance can be managed as well, even without network connection

Real-time Monitoring

Minutes-level real-time instance monitor, support customizing alarm feature, ensure your business stability

Elastic and Flexible

nstance can attach/detach volume, add/delete network, associate/disassociate floating IP, adjust flavor flexibly and easily