Program Overview

EasyStack offers a series of comprehensive OpenStack courses, enabling IT professionals to quickly master and adopt OpenStack technology for their modern enterprise applications' development. Through our courses, you'll learn how to design, build, administer, operate and develop OpenStack clouds. Courses offered range from real-world OpenStack fundamentals to a deep dive hands-on lab. EasyStack is a longtime Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation who offers ESCloud, an enterprise cloud platform Powered by OpenStack, as one of its core products.


OpenStack Fundamentals

3 days training

Beginner LEVEL

The purpose of this 3 days training is to help IT professionals quickly understand architecture and
various components(aka OpenStack project) of OpenStack framework.The trainer will elaborate concept,
schema and codes regarding every project.Further more, the instructor will work you through in details
on how to design,build,administrate and operate OpenStack Cloud.After the training,participants should
have suitable capability to design,implement and maintain OpenStack environment from community.

China Beijing, 2016-04-11 to 2016-04-13
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OpenStack Deep-Dive for Developer

4 days training

Advanced Level

This 4 days OpenStack deep-dive training is perfect option for IT professionals who want to develop
their ENTERPRISE CLOUD basing on OpenStack technology.The course is composed with most of
essential knowledge for OpenStack developer.IT professionals will gain adequate insight, skill,
experience in a short time to start their OpenStacker journey.

China Beijing,2016-05-16 to 2016-05-19
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EasyStack ESCloud (OpenStack Distro) Administration

3 days training

Intermediate LEVEL

ESCloud is a terrific option to build ENTERPRISE GRADE CLOUD powered by OpenStack.The
idea of this 3 days course is to let you quickly become a expert of ESCloud. With
comprehensive hands-on lab and step by step coaching, you can easily design, build, administrate
and operate ESCloud environment according to different scenarios.

China Beijing, 2016-06-13 to 2016-06-15
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Ceph with OpenStack

1 day training

Intermediate LEVEL

Ceph is becoming a very popular option when you choose your OpenStack storage backend.
During the one day training, you will learn how to build a distributed, scalable, stable,
unified Ceph storage system for your OpenStack environment. This course could be a very
good complement for other OpenStack courses.

China Beijing,2016-06-16
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OpenStack Networking Deep-Dive

2 days training

Intermediate LEVEL

OpenStack networking is almost the most difficult part among all of OpenStack projects.
This 2 days training will elaborate every details relevant to OpenStack networking, IT
professionals could benefit a lot to for designing OpenStack networking architecture
and put the concept into reality.

China Beijing, 2016-06-17 to 2016-06-18
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