What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is put forward to solve how to have the proper physical resources at the same time the security of private cloud and high performance, and also get the shared resources of public cloud of flexibility and lower operational costs, the two mixed together (hybrid) of cloud computing is structured. EasyStack live demo first hybrid OpenStack cloud in OpenStack summit in February 2014 of Asian, and later in the enterprise has been used widely in practice.

Why Need a Hybrid Cloud


Hybrid clouds break the private cloud hardware limitations, when encounter traffic peak, using public cloud scalability, user can obtain higher computing power at any time. Companies can move unclassified function to public cloud area , which can reduce the pressure on the internal private cloud and needs.

Unified Platform

Through the unified EasyStack Cloud platform, user can obtain most suitable with business cloud, which can be internal private Cloud, hosted private Cloud or public Cloud, and through EasyStack Cloud Connector hybrid any Cloud, broke the the boundary of traditional private clouds, hosted cloud and public Cloud.

More Flexible

Around OpenStack platform, EasyStack combine public and private powerful infrastructure and escort operating experience, release OpenStack hybrid cloud infrastructure, help industry deep the innovation of infrastructure and business

Lower Cost

A hybrid cloud can effectively reduce the cost. It can use public clouds and private clouds, enterprise applications and data can be put in the most appropriate platform, to obtain the best interests of the combination.

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