What is EasyStack Industry Cloud?

Industry (Industry Cloud Cloud) is to play a leading role in the Industry or an area or to master the key resources of the organization to establish and maintain, in the form of a public or semi-public, to the Industry or relevant organizations and the public to provide paid or unpaid service Cloud platform.Cloud computing has been popular today, a growing number of industry users start attracted to OpenStack ecological ring.EasyStack cloud has a mature and highly elastic industry solutions and professional project management ability, can design for customers of different industries and deliver intelligence, security, feature-rich cloud computing environment.EasyStack powerful technical team can help customer to quickly create and manage a variety of cloud computing platform, can provide abundant successful experience and industry best practice, to help the customer evaluation, planning, design, build and optimize the cloud data center, eventually form a close-to-user cloud services solution.

How to Build Your Industry Cloud?

Professional Consulting and Planning

EasyStack owns a professional consulting team, with rich successful cases and best practices to help the customer evaluation, planning, design, build and optimize the data center

Stable and Reliable Product

From the compute, network to the storage, high degree of openness and compatibility, from the KVM, Power, VMware to Ceph, commercial storage, high reliability and software architecture will power your business development

Tailored Features

EasyStack has a professional OpenStack development team, bind OpenStack from the platform to the application software with your business rules and business process, form your own industry cloud

EasyStack build OpenStack Industry Cloud Together with Customer

ESCloud reduce cost and capital of the largest cloud environment as much as 60%, save 1/3 time of IT infrastructure management, reduce 80% of energy costs.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua university adopts ESCloud cloud computing solutions built the largest domestic colleges and universities of production-teaching-research combination OpenStack cloud environment.ESCloud a single cluster size of 6000 core, 16 TB of memory, 540 TB storage capacity for other departments to provide paid services in the cloud, big data analytic Hadoop/Spark/Docker/network intrusion detection, data center for teaching and scientific research of distributed system purchase cost reduced by 60%, IT management management time reduced by 33%, energy costs by 80%

Lenovo adopt ESCloud fully open cloud solution. With all-virtualised compute, storage, network resources and compute-storage converged infrastructure, Lenovo using less resources to support 20% IT business system and Moto Cloud, IT departments gradually change from cost center to innovation center.


Lenovo adopted ESCloud solution, promote "PC +" "Internet+ “ transformation, support big data, e-business, intelligent hardware, such as MotoCloud innovation business.Hybrid cloud connector joint public cloud business flexibility High density by the hyper converging of architecture and virtual machine high density design, realization cloud hosting costs less than public clouds. Multiple region data centers to run the business system and data center between the asynchronous data replication, ensure business and data security

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