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June 2017

EasyStack organized and hosted China OpenSource Industry Summit as a follow on sub-forum to the 21st China International Software Expo held in Beijing. During the summit, announcements were made on EasyStack’s product and solutions portfolio encompassing OpenSource enterprise and native cloud applications, enabling enterprise users on their digital transformation.

Products announced comprising of:
  • World’s first GPU/FPGA Artificial Intelligence
  • OpenSource Cloud Platform - ESCloud AI
  • China’s Enterprise Container Linux Operating System
  • OpenSource PaaS - ESCloud+
  • OpenSource Industry Cloud Platform - ESCaaS
  • ESCloud Express suited for small medium businesses
March 2017

EasyStack launched EasyStack Kubernetes Service (EKS), combining the maturity of OpenStack with the flexibility of Kubernetes (K8S) on a single platform for the enterprise.

February 2017

EasyStack now has two OpenStack core project PTLs in Oslo and Heat.

January 2017

EasyStack’s founding engineer Guo Changbo was elected as an individual board member in the OpenStack Foundation.

January 2017

EasyStack completed US$50 million Series C funding, setting the record for having the largest single round of funds raised in China open source history.

January 2017

In the inaugural China OpenStack top 10 enterprise users survey, half of those nominated are EasyStack customers.

November 2016

Mega scale industry clients that have signed up so far with EasyStack include State Grid, China Telecom, Postal Savings Bank China, China Unionpay, Industrial Bank, Rural Credit Commercial Bank, GTJA, SF Express, Lenovo, TCL, Tianhe Supercomputing, etc.

August 2016

EasyStack formalized memberships in Linux Foundation and CNCF Foundation.

May 2016

EasyStack was awarded Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor.

April 2016

EasyStack was inducted as OpenStack Foundation Gold Member at the Austin Summit.

November 2015

EasyStack Engineering Director Guo Changbo became first Chinese OpenStack Oslo Core Reviewer.

October 2015

Announced ESCaaS, the first OpenStack based cloud as a service solution that is capable of provisioning and delivering to the user a dedicated cloud instance within seconds at the Tokyo Summit.

July 2015

led the establishment of China’s Ministry of Industry cloud computing open source alliance and partnership program, and served as its board member.

May 2015

Completed US$16 million Series B funding.

November 2014

Announced China's first OpenStack based hybrid cloud solution at the Paris Summit.

May 2014

ESCloud, the first private cloud solution became generally available.

February 2014

EasyStack was founded.

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